Ever heard of the saying, “New Year, New Home!”? January 21st is #OwnYourHomeDay.

#OwnYourHomeDay Happy IHome

#OwnYourHomeDay is dedicated to encouraging home ownership across the globe. For real estate agencies, it’s another great opportunity to make themselves known to potential clients. For Real Estate clients, it’s another chance for them to invest and own a new property.

Here are 3 juicy tidbits that you can prepare to get the most out of #OwnYourHomeDay:


#OwnYourHomeDay Learning

In the real estate industry, learning comes in 2 ways for the Real Estate agent. As an initial step, it is very essential for the agent to learn about the property with every nook and cranny as the tiniest bit of information can come in handy in terms of the client’s decision making process.

Therefore, doing your homework to know the client for #OwnYourHomeDay is also equally important as inspecting the property to be sold. You can dive deeper into client-centric selling which we have discussed in our previous blog. 


#OwnYourHomeDay Educate

One common mistake Real Estate Agents often make is relying on verbal education alone to educate or inform their clients. As if Real Estate isn’t hectic enough, please do yourselves a favour and let your marketing collateral entice and speak for you. Try investing in high quality brochures, signboards and stationery to feed the client with important information. You can also create property walkthrough videos to give them an introductory tour of the listing. Progressing trends such as 360 videos, digital flip books and virtual reality are often used today by agents.

There are a multitude of ideas you can do to ease up the work during #OwnYourHomeDay. Remember to saturate majority of your efforts in making a sale and convincing the clients. The secret? Be creative & resourceful!


Since #OwnYourHomeDay only comes once in a year, it’s the perfect chance for agents to actively market their listings to target clients. However, it is highly recommended not to cross the thin line between hard selling and being borderline annoying.

What the majority of real estate agents strategically do to gain their new clients’ trust is simply through recommendations. Subtly hinting for a good recommendation from satisfied clients is very important as it effortlessly raises the agent’s reputation. In the real estate industry, a good reputation eventually leads to great referrals. 

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