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It goes without saying that product knowledge is an essential sales skill in real estate marketing. Selling a property that you know from every nook and cranny is indeed, a huge advantage. However, most real estate agents often forget that it’s not just about features like the pretty facade, or the spacious backyard nor the grand staircase. An effective sales and marketing strategy is knowing which assets will benefit the client the most based on their lifestyle. It’s about knowing which points you should highlight to a specific client.

Real Estate home marketing

Let’s say you’re selling a property that has a really beautiful and sleek but slightly steep staircase. A younger bachelor might see it as an asset while an elderly couple might think that it’s a hindrance. This is why it’s important to learn all the features of a property that you’re selling. Ask yourself questions like, how is the property strategically located? What makes it different from the other properties? What features fit the prospective buyer’s lifestyle and current situation? Study and learn every detail because you’ll have to know which feature will work to your advantage.

Real estate marketing goes beyond pointing out all the great points of a property. Real estate marketing is understanding and giving value, solving problems and mainly addressing the needs and wants of the clients.


Client-Centric Selling

“Sales is not about selling anymore but about building trust and educating.”

– Siva Devaki

Marketing Real Estate Couple

Successful business owners know the importance of getting an in-depth knowledge of their key prospective clients as part of their real estate marketing efforts. After all, it goes beyond knowing their names, ages, and income. The customer’s hobbies, interests, values, tastes, beliefs along with what they listen to and watch can be a profitable business advantage, especially in the real estate market space. 

One way to do this is to build a client profile. Collate the client’s details and study how a specific property will fit their lifestyle and preferences. Your clients will appreciate the extra effort you put in to get to know them well and cater to their needs. 

Below is a mini checklist for you to start with your buyer persona:

Buyer persona for Real Estate Marketing

Build Your Branding

Real Estate Marketing Business Card

Real estate marketing entails building a trusted personal branding which is key to gaining clients and achieving sales goals. That said, trust is the fundamental factor that you should establish with your clients. Without trust, all your marketing efforts are prone to go down the drain. In today’s competitive real estate industry, you should not just be able to make the properties you sell marketable, but most importantly,  yourself as a trusted real estate agent. 

One common mistake agents often make is posting false advertisements about a property. This is something you should never consider as it reflects negatively on your reputation as an agent but also breaks the trust of your clients.

Your personal branding should be reflected in all the marketing collateral that you use to present your brand, such as signage, brochures, and stationery. Most importantly, it has to be consistent and cohesive. If you need help with your branding, we’ve got a highly skilled design team to help you jumpstart your real estate marketing. 


Set for Social

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Once you have finished setting up your branding, the next step is to start marketing. There’s no better place for free marketing and advertising other than social media platforms. Just make sure you don’t start with the hard sell and instead provide valuable, engaging, entertaining & relatable content.

One key technique for real estate marketing to work is to take advantage of content marketing. Aside from the properties that you sell, you can also share content that resonates well with your clients such as tips on finding a new home, the importance of hiring the right agent, property styling etc.


Dress for Digital Marketing

For digital imagery and prints, make sure to publish high quality and appealing photos or videos. Hire a really good property photographer to capture the most appealing angles on the property that you’re selling. Please, don’t cheap out on one of the most important tools to sell the property. Investing in great photography to accentuate the features that make the property stand out as well as to maintain a consistent composition among the photos is key. The objective of real estate marketing is to attract prospective buyers in a 3-second window. Yes, today’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, so it is highly important to capture their attention with stunning imagery in a short time frame.

High-quality images are also essential to optimise the resolution for your signboards and print. After all, you don’t want to put up a photo signboard with pixelated images do you? That would be a waste of resources and a missed opportunity.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Check out our Facebook post on the importance of high-resolution imagery for print ads.

It is also important to note that in this era of content overload and clutter, you have to stand out among your competitors and make yourself memorable. With the right branding and high-quality real estate marketing collateral whether digital or traditional, you’re off to a great start.

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